Sweatpants No. 1 - Sort
Sweatpants No. 1 - Sort
Sweatpants No. 1 - Sort

Sweatpants No. 1 - Sort

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Sweatpants No. 1

The coolest sweatpants for girls and boys, men and women with logo print on left thigh. The sweatpants have front pockets, sewn-on pocket at the back and round cords in matching color with metal tips. The jogging pants are in a fantastic quality and are very comfortable and cuddly to wear. If you would like a set consisting of sweatpants and hoodie or sweatpants and sweatshirt then combine with ours hoodies or sweatshirts Sweatpants are also available in gray.

The male model is 185 cm tall and uses size large. The female models are 174-176 cm tall and use size medium.

Quality sweatpants

The sweatpants are made of 85% organically combed ring-spun cotton and 15% recycled polyester. Organic cotton means that the cotton is grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and processed without chemicals. 

The cotton used for the sweatpants has been combed, which makes cotton an extremely soft version of cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibers before spinning them into yarn.

The pants is also made of ring-spun cotton, which means that the cotton threads are twisted and thinned to make very fine, strong and soft cotton fibers. Ring-spun sweatpants are more durable and last longer than regular sweatpants.

Sustainable clothing

CSW focuses on the fact that the clothes we sell live up to some basic requirements, which means that the people who have been involved in making the clothes have proper conditions and that the clothes live up to standards for clothing production, including consideration for the environment.


Clothes from CSW are made by manufacturers who have Fair Wear membership. Fair Wear membership means that the clothing is manufactured under some standards set by Fair Wear. These are the following standards:

- No forced employment
- No child labor
- No discrimination based on race, sex, religion, political affiliation, trade union, nationality, social origin or disability
- Minimum wage requirements
Requirements for reasonable working hours
- Secure working conditions

GOTS certified - Global organic textile standard

GOTS is an international organic label for clothing and textiles. The brand places demands on the environment and social responsibility throughout the value chain - that is, right from the field to the finished clothing. As a general rule, 95 percent of the fibers must be organic, and a variety of chemicals, bleaches, and dyes are prohibited.

Production must also comply with a number of requirements for how to handle and treat wastewater. The requirements for working conditions include rules on working hours, safety, the right to organize in a trade union and dignified wages.

PETA VEGAN certified

The clothes are 100% vegan. This means that no dyes, yarn products or other products used during the manufacturing process of the garment contain animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

Sweatpants No. 1 - Sort