Designs from the streets


Comeback Streetwear is part of the Comeback Organization. The brand was established in western Aarhus, Denmark in 2021.

Comeback works every single day to help young men from high risk areas to a future without crime and conflict. A future where the individual experiences coming to terms with themselves, and where the dream of a normal life with a job and family lives on.

Part of the method is to create a framework within which the individual can grow and develop. Comeback Streetwear is one of the companies that the Comeback Organization makes available to young people, with a hope that the individual can find hope and motivation in working in the company, while gaining experience and qualifications that can form the basis for a better future.  The models on the website are not part of the Comeback program.

We hope you will support our journey by purchasing authentic streetwear - Designs from the streets. If you want to follow us, we update regularly on Facebook and Instagram, where we will tell you about new initiatives in the company.

Streetwear med mening - Comeback Streetwear
Have a nice day - Let's go :-)

The boys and the Comeback Streetwear Team