Streetwear with meaning

At Comeback Streetwear, we have focused on two things. To create cool streetwear at the same time as we work every single day to help young men from exposed areas in Aarhus to a better future. A future where the individual young person is offered a second chance, gets to know himself anew, and where the dream of a completely normal life with a job and family lives on.

"Haven't we all at some point in our lives needed someone to believe in us and our worth - even when it looked like we couldn't be saved? There is nothing as cool as a good comeback, and if we at Comeback Streetwear can create the framework for our boys to get another chance, then it will be worth all the work"

- Søren Keldberg, co-owner of Comeback Streetwear

We work everyday, together with the boys, to create the framework within which the individual can grow and develop. Since Comeback Streetwear is part of the Comeback Organisation , the Comeback Streetwear company is thus made available to young people, with the hope that the individual can find hope and motivation by working in the company, while at the same time gaining experience and qualifications that can form the basis for a better future. Comeback Streetwear is run by committed employees together with some brave and amazing young people who have reviewed their lives and try to improve themselves day by day.

We at Comeback Streetwear hope that you will support us and our boys by buying authentic and sustainable streetwear with meaning.

If you want to follow us and our everyday life in Comeback Streetwear, we continuously update our profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, where we show new products, trends and hold competitions.

NOTE: The models on the website and on our social media are not part of the Comeback program.


Have a good day - Let's go :-)

The boys and team behind Comeback Streetwear